Smart Automated Chess Board

This smart chess board from Square Off has anything that a modern day chess player need. With this board you can play a regular chess game versus a regular physical opponent. But where it gets special is playing against anyone in the world (via while having the physical chess pieces follow your opponent’s moves accordingly. It’s like Harry Potter’s Wizard Chess in real life!

How does the Square Off Smart Chess Set Work?

This board uses advanced robotics and sensors to have the chess pieces move automatically. It’s connected to the largest chess website (with over 23+ million players). Alternatively you can play a game against the board’s internal A.I., with 20 levels of difficulty to choose from. Use the app to further analyse your game and improve your chess playing.

Square Off Smart Chess Set Features

  • Handcrafted board
  • Premium rosewood finish
  • King’s height: 2.5 inch
  • Connect to board via Bluetooth
  • Supports synch to game
  • Battery charge lasts about 30 games
  • Reset the game with a single tap
  • Go heads up against 20 levels of A.I.

Pricing and Availability

This is an ideal chess set for advanced chess players and people that don’t have a human opponent around to play a game against.

The Square Off Chess Set is available on Amazon via the link below.

Last update was on: January 11, 2024 9:16 am
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