Flipper Zero – a Tamagotchi for Hackers

As hacking is becoming increasingly mainstream, no longer do you need to be a nerdy coder, writing machine language in some moldy basement. This new Flipper Zero Kickstarter project takes this fact to the extreme. Flipper Zero is a device that allows you to hack numerous hardware devices with a Tamagotchi style interface. It includes a dolphin that even gets upset when you don’t hack enough stuff. Excellent!

What is this?

Flipper Zero is a device that can communicate with radio protocols, access control systems, hardware, and more. In practice this means you can control stuff like public tvs, parking lot barriers, keycard doors or anything else that communicates via wireless protocols.

Next to that, the Flipper Zero can act as a 2-factor authentication device, so that you don’t need a phone at hand to be able to log into your secure webmail, Dropbox or any other service supporting multi-factor authentication.

The great thing is that you don’t need any laptop to operate its basic functionality. All is done via a user-friendly device with a cute dolphin as your assistant.

The Flipper Zero has an open source firmware and is meant for pentesting, hardware research and all around experimentation.


  • Open Source Firmware: code your own plugins
  • Sub-1Gz receiver: use as a radio-remote
  • U2F security token: use for 2-factor authentication
  • Bad USB: Write your own payloads
  • RFID cards reader and emulator: Store all your office cards
  • GPIO: Extend with modules
  • iButton Reader and emulator: Store all your Dallas keys
  • IR Transceiver: Universal IR Remote

Where can I get a Flipper Zero?

Flipper zero will reportedly ship worldwide from February 2021. For a pledge that’s a little over a hundred bucks you can secure one of these devices when they’re released.

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