Minimalist Playing Card Deck

$13.58 $21.50 Buy It Now
$13.58 $21.50 Buy It Now

For a diehard minimalist, seeing the prints on a deck of cards may already be too much triggering. Essentially you only need to have a basic representation of the card suits and ranks to be able to play a game of cards.

Luckily for you, there’s someone who thought of that.

This slick deck of cards has the bare minimum print in an elegant all-black or all-white design.

The card suits are replaced by simple, geometric deductions for hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades. It might be difficult to distinguish hearts and spades from one another, but it’ll only take you one game to get familiar with the new shapes.

The Minim Card Deck is made from plastic, which makes them durable and has a glossy finish. It includes two (minimalist) joker cards.

If you’d like to get your hands on this unique deck of cards, order via the link below.

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