Helicone Kinetic Desk Toy

There’s nothing like a satisfying desk toy to unleash some stress at your work place. This Helicone Kinetic toy, also known as a Lollipopter sometimes is one of those examples.

The Helicone consists of 38 laser-cut wood pieces on a brass tube. Quickly twisting it you can alter the Helicone between a helix and a pine cone shape. When you’re satisfied twirling the shapes around you can put it up for display in the supplied solid wood stand.

Also, the box the Helicone comes in is elegantly designed, so this is no cheap, dollar store toy, something you can truly gift that stressful executive colleague of yours.

Manufacturer PlayableART also has a similar, plastic and steel version which they named the Lollipopter, which is a bit cheaper. Be sure to check that one as well.


Last update was on: January 6, 2024 8:22 am


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