Klask – Magnetic Tabletop Game

If you want to play something more exciting than Monopoly on your game night, look no further than Klask. Klask is a fun, high-paced tabletop game that looks like a cross between foosball and air hockey. It was designed by a Danish carpenter named Mikkel Bertelsen in 2014. You control your player pawn with a magnet underneath the table and your goal is to score the ball in your opponents hole on the opposite end of the board. Like foosball and air hockey, this game is all about reaction speed, strategy and aim. There’s even a world championship for the Klask game!

How do you play Klask?

The main goal of the game is simple, get the ball in the opponent’s hole and you score a point. There are however a few other angles to Klask.

First, when you lose control of your player piece (because you’re moving the magnet too fast) that gets your opponent a point as well.

Secondly, there are white magnetic ‘biscuits’ placed in the middle of the board as well. Whenever two of these biscuits attach to your player piece, your opponent gets a point as well. This means that you can also strategically hit the ball in a way that a biscuit piece attaches to your opponent.

Finally, whenever your player piece ends up in your own goal, your opponent gets a point as well.

You can see that this game is all about agility and being careful with how you position your player piece to end up as the winner.


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  • Material: Wood
  • Designed in Denmark
  • Ages: 8 and up
  • Can be played on any flat surface
  • 2 playes

Klask 4

After the original Klask game, a 4-player version of Klask was introduced in 2019. The rules are mostly the same, with the difference that you’re playing on a round board, where each player gets a quarter.

Klask World Championship

Just to show you how much of a skill game this is, check out some footage of the 2018 World Championship below. You’ll see that there’s some practice left before calling yourself a professional Klask player!

Where can I buy this?

We think that Klask is a much more fun alternative to those tiny table football versions, simply because the size is ideal to play a game of Klask.

A set of Klask is available in either a rectangular shape for two players or a round shape, where 4 players can play against each other. Make sure you get one of each if you are hosting game nights often.

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