Lametric Time – a Clock That Shows your Social Media Followers

Are you one of those people that’s addicted to checking their stats and follower count of their social media accounts on their phone every five minutes? I plead guilty! The Lametric Time device brings a more convenient way to continuously check up on your Instagram, Facebook or YouTube followers. It’s a smart desktop clock display that hooks up to the internet to show a live counter of your fans and following from your favorite apps.

What is the Lametric Time?

Lametric Instagram
Show everyone your live Instagram follower count

Originally a smart clock display, this smart LED block connects to several of your favorite apps and social networks to display the single metric you care about. Next to setting it up with your YouTube, Instagram or Twitter follower count you can have the Lametric show incoming earnings on Paypal, a news feed of your choosing or any custom messages and LED icons you want to put up for display. The possibilities are near endless.

You’ll just have to plug in the Lametric time, connect it to Wifi and use the associated app to set up the connections and messages. You’ll never have to take out your phone again for checking the info that matters.

These are some of the apps and metrics you can connect to Lametric:

  • Sonos (show currently playing song)
  • YouTube subscribers
  • Twitch count
  • Facebook likes
  • Twitter followers
  • Instagram followers
  • Stock quotes (incl. Bitcoin)
  • Google Analytics
  • Slack notifications
  • and much more…

The Lametric Time also has some onboard speakers, to play notification sounds and radio. Yes, this device can still be a regular clock radio if you want to.

Where can I buy the Lametric Wifi Clock?

The Lametric smart LED clock is a great product for social media lovers and influencers, storefronts or small startup companies that want to visually celebrate success in the offices.

You can buy the product on or Amazon via the link below.

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Lametric Alternatives

The Lametric Wifi Smart clock is a very cleverly designed device, but it’s not the only one of its kind out there. There are a couple of alternatives we found for you if you’re keen on having a hardware social media counter.

Smiirl social media counter

The Smiirl is a more expensive social following counter, but it has a traditional split-flap mechanism instead of LED, which puts it +10 hipster over the Lametric. It will probably blend better in store interiors. You’ll have to get one for each social network you want to connect to though.

Visit the Smiirl site


The FlapIt is also a split-flap display like Smiirl, but this one has support for multiple predefined social networks (also on a split-flap). It’s about the same price as the Smiirl

Visit the FlapIt site

DIY Social Media Counter

A social media counter is a typical product that screams for a do-it-yourself solution. There are plenty of guides out there that allow you to take the power in your own hand. Here’s an example

Build a social media counter with Raspberry Pi

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  1. I think the lametric is the best option if you want to go all the way on statistics. Not just social media, also Google Analytics! It’s really the best choice for any online markeer out there.

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