Quiet Punch – a Silent Doorway Punching Bag

We all want a boxing bag at home, yet we all know why we don’t have one. It’s heavy, takes up too much space and you’ll tear your entire house down using it frequently. The Quiet Punch is a genius idea for when you want to properly train your boxing punches inside your house and not annoy everyone that’s living with you while doing it. This boxing trainer attaches conveniently in your doorway and makes little sound when it’s receiving an ass-whooping.

What is the Quiet Punch?

The Quiet Punch is a subtle and portable punching (speed) bag you can attach to your doorway at home or at the office. You’ll get two lightweight bars that you attach in your doorway and a punching bag you attach to the bars. Optionally you can attach your phone somewhere safely on the unit to watch some boxing video instructions for the Quiet Punch bag.

Quiet Punch Features

  • Quieter than regular boxing bags
  • Fits any doorway between 28″ and 36″
  • Withstands professional boxing bunches
  • Leaves no marks on your doorway
  • Includes phone clip for watching instruction videos

Where can I get the Quiet Punch?

This is an ideal solution for amateur and professional boxers wanting to train their jabs, hooks and uppercuts in any small home, office or hotel room. It’s a very silent and durable doorway punching bag.

You can get the Quiet Punch at http://quietpunch.com or Amazon (see the link below).

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