Liquid Death – Clean Mountain Water in a 16 Oz Beer Can

If you care about your health and the environment and you want to look cool doing it, these cans of Liquid Death are the thing for you. They look exactly like a can of beer a biker gang would chug in some shady downtown cafe, but actually contain 100% clean, natural mountain water from the Austrian Alps.

  • 100% Natural Mountain Water
  • Sourced from the Austrian Alps
  • Non-Carbonated
  • 7.9+ PH (Naturally Alkaline)
  • Electrolytes & Minerals
  • Cans Contain 20x More Recycled Material Than Plastic Bottles
  • Best Served Ice Cold
  • Instantly Decapitates Your Thirst

You can get a 12-pack of Liquid Death ‘tallboys’ for under twenty bucks or sell your soul to receive a free can (only 666 available). Either way, you’re crushing your thirst without looking like a health freak.

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