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If fruit-infused water was already a healthy notch up from soda, the new Air Up bottles work with scent-based pods that hit your nose when taking a sip of plain water. This way, your brain is tricked into thinking you’re drinking some fruit-flavored water. The Air Ups are hitting Europe and social media at the time of writing and the US is next up to get these black magic flavored bottles.

What is the Air Up bottle?

Eighty percent of perceivable flavor happens through your nose. Air Up takes this concept and applies it to plain water. The Air Up bottle looks like a regular well-designed water bottle. In the bottle cap is a scent pod (which you can replace with a variety of ‘flavors’), which hits your nostrils the moment you take a sip.

Getting this to work is as simple as filling the Air Up with water, putting the straw and mouth piece back on the bottle and then pressing the scent pod on the mouth piece.

What you’ll get is the flavor of soda (think fruit-flavored water), without the unhealthy side-effects of sugar or excess calories.

Check out the video below for a further explanation.

Which flavor pods are available?

Kola is one of the more popular flavors. Drink a coke without sugar or unhealthy additives!

At launch there’s a large variety of different Air Up flavors available. Here’s a small selection of flavors

  • Yuzu-Rosemary
  • Strawberry-Lemongrass
  • Wild Berry
  • Apple
  • Kola (coke)
  • Blackcurrant
  • Cassis
  • Watermelon
  • and many more…

The pods work for at least 5L of water and each package generally comes with 3 pods, so based on the average intake of water, each pod will generally last you about 3 to 4 days.

The Air Up pods contain a natural aroma and are made from recyclable materials.

Where can I buy the Air Up water bottle?

The Air Up starter kit, containing the bottle and a few packs of scent pods.

The Air Up bottles launched in several European countries at the time of writing. You can buy one on the official website or find out when they’re available in your country, via the link below.

Buy an Air Up bottle or scent pods

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