Ostrich Pillow Mini

We’ve covered the original Ostrich Pillow a while ago. It was an unorthodox, but comfortable way of taking a powernap at your desk. The makers of the Ostrich Pillow have now created a travel-friendly Ostrich Pillow Mini. While you can’t put your entire head in it to get some snug comfort, this will easily fit in your bag and can serve as an alternative to a neck pillow in the plane.

What’s the Ostrich Pillow Mini?

it’s like a pacifist boxing glove

We don’t have to explain to you how important it is to sleep. Even getting fifteen minutes of sleep in during the day can make you feel energized for the remainder of the day and enhance concentration and your overall mood and well-being.

Instead of your head, you can fit the mini-version of the Ostrich pillow over your hand, forearm or elbow and use it to rest your head on. Take two of them and you have comfort on either arm. You’ll rest your head on a combination of soft, high-quality viscose and elastomer and next-generation coated microbeads (95% air!).

As you can use your hands as a resting spot, this might be a more attractive option for people that find it hard to sleep with neck pillows.

The universal design makes the Ostrich Pillow Mini suitable for both right- and left-handed people.

Where can I buy the Ostrich Mini Pillow?

Like its bigger brother, the Mini Ostrich Pillow is available on Amazon and comes in premium packaging. You can buy one via the link below.

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