Ostrich Pillow – Take an Undisturbed Power Nap at Work

The Ostrich Pillow is the ideal solution to take a power nap at your desk or while travelling. We’re sure that no one will bother you while wearing this snug contraption on your head at work or in the plane. The Ostrich Pillow forms a comfortable cocoon around your head with a small space to breath out of. Put your head on your desk, stick your hands in the sides and doze off into dreamland.

You might think it’s a novelty and sure it’s a bold move wearing this out, but you’ll laugh away all those co-worker taunts with a 37% increase in productivity (after your Ostrich Pillow nap).

Where can I get it?

Ostrich Pillow

This pillow raised almost $200,000 on Kickstarter and became a viral hit. Now the Ostrich power nap pillow is for sale on its official website or Amazon (check the link below)

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