Squegg – a Stress Relieve Ball that Measures Your Grip Strength

If there was one product not smart yet it’s the stress relieve ball. The popular way to unload office stress one squeeze at a time now gets more advanced. The Squegg Kickstarter project adds a bit of smartness to this age old concept. By connecting the ball to a phone app you can now measure the grip strength of each of your squeezes

Why would I want a smart stress relieve ball?

It’s a good habit to train your grip strength every once in a while. It provides your hand with some physical relief from typing all day, but also increases your strength over time, making it easier to rock climb or carry heavy bags in your hand.

The Squegg phone app sets you up with a daily exercise for each hand and the fact that you can set a benchmark to improve your squeezes really spices up an otherwise mindless good habit. You can also go head to head with a coworker that also owns a Squegg, squeezing yourself to victory in one of several games in the app. Watch out for competitive stress though!

Squegg Features

  • Size: 68x45x45 mm
  • 66g
  • Lithium battery
  • 2-hour charging time
  • 80-hour continuous use on a charge
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Water resistant

Where can I get the Squegg smart stress relieve ball?

This project is successfully funded on Kickstarter. You can get yourself one or several Squegg balls for 35 bucks each while the campaign is still running (until February 8, 2019)

Get it here

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