Polar Pen – a Pen + Stylus Made of Magnets

It’s always good to stock up on an abundance of office fiddle gadgets. The Polar Pen is a recent Kickstarter creation that takes the fun of magnets and puts it into a working pen / stylus so you have a real reason to carry it around in the office.

What is the Polar Pen?

The Polar pen consists of a series of ring-formed, high power neodymium (rare earth) magnets stacked around a pen / stylus. You can take apart the powerful magnets and use them as a useful circle compass for your pen or to fidget spin them to oblivion.

Spring Polar pen Trick

Does this… satisfy you?

Check out the official Polar Pen video below:

What’s in the Polar Pen box?

In the Polar pen box you’ll find a set of magnets and the pen / stylus itself. Check out the video below

Where can I get the magnetic Polar pen?

The Polar pen is available in different versions. Get the magnets in gold, silver or gunmetal. You can also stock up on chrome balls to make some neat magnet structures.

Buy on the official polarpen.com website or get the pen on Amazon.

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