PrintBrush – Print Graphics and Text on Any Surface

Sometimes you just want to print a piece of art or text on something else than paper. The new PrintBrush XDR Kickstarter is a gadget that allows you to print what you want by brushing it over any surface with your hand. It’s like a magic wand for printing.

Currently the PrintBrush XDR prototype supports printing text and graphics with up to three swaps (with some space inbetween). The cool thing is that it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you move the PrintBrush across the surface. It will always print in the right dimensions thanks to a new technology called RMTP.

For choosing what to print the PrintBrush connects to a smartphone with the PrintBrush app. Select the image or text you want to print and you’ll just have to move to have the image printed on your surface of choice.

PrintBrush Features

  • Printing technology: Thermal ink jet printer head
  • An average of 5000 prints on a cartridge
  • 600 dpi resolution
  • Supported surfaces: paper, cardboard, fabrics, wood, cork, plaster board, glossy paper, photo paper, etc.
  • Internal memory for 4 images (8 MB)
  • In the box: PrintBrush printer, docking station, ink cartridge, charger adapter

Where can I back the PrintBrush XDR?

This project still needs some funds at the time of writing to go into production. You can back this project for about 200 bucks to get this device delivered in February if PrintDreams reaches their funding goals.

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