Toy Cars That Collide into a Transformer

You can find the craziest toys in Asia. I wish I had these toy cars back when I was a kid. You bump or crash two of them into each other and they will jump to transform into a single Transformer robot using a magnet and spring mechanism.

It was quite a quest to hunt back the origin of this video, but we found out they’re from China and are part of a series called ‘Hunter Beasts’. They’re available in several colors and beasts they can transform in.

Check out a similar review video below:

Pricing and Availability

We can’t vouch for the durability of these toys, but they sure look cool and will amaze your friends when they’ll see it for the first time. They’re a one-of-a-kind gift for boys six years and up.

There are many of these colliding car Transformers available if you check out Chinese import retailers such as Chinahao (links to product).

Or, you’ll buy them conveniently from an Amazon seller via the link below.

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