The Peanut Butter Pump Dispenser

If peanut butter is your thing I you might want to take a look at this new product launch on Indiegogo. The Peanut Butter Pump is a convenient way to make evenly spread peanut butter sandwiches for a whole army of people, all without using a knife and creating a buttery mess.

What is the Peanut Butter Pump?

Created by Andrew Scherer, this is a handy, spill-free dispenser you can attach to most 40 ounce peanut butter jars.

You simply remove the lid, and then screw on the Peanut Butter Pump. The pump is suited for heavy duty usage and the special ribbon nozzle makes it convenient to dispense the PB on your sandwich. There’s also a stream-style nozzle for when you want to have your peanut butter as part of a smoothie or snack.

Don’t worry about any peanut butter going to waste. The Peanut Butter Pump design scrapes every inch of peanut butter out of your jar.


  • Stream-style nozzle
  • Ribbon nozzle
  • Easy cleaning
  • Twist-n-lock collar for storage
  • Sliding suction seal keeps the air out

Pricing and Availability

The Peanut Butter Pump is already past its funding goal on Indiegogo. You can get one for $25 and have it shipped around August 2019

Visit the Indiegogo page

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