Throw Throw Avocado

If you thought the Throw Throw Burrito makers (Exploding Kittens) would leave it at burritos, think again. Throw Throw Avocado is the spiritual successor to the wildly popular dodgeball-style card game you can play with friends or your family. Even better, you can officially combine the avocados with your burritos for a great combination of food throwing!

What is Throw Throw Avocado?

Throw Throw Avocado is a simple but fun card game where you start out by placing the soft and squishy avocados in the middle of the table.

You try to gather three of a kind with the playing cards to earn points. Getting three of the same avocado cards allows you to duel with your opponents in various ways (for example by tossing the avocado between your legs), where the aim is to hit your opponent with an avocado. Each successful shot deducts points from your opponent.

Here’s a quick video on how to play the game:

It’s recommended to play this in a large open space, as you’ll need to be able to duck and jump from the avocado projectiles coming at you.

The Throw Throw Avocado games can be played by both kids and adults. The rules are easy to teach and learn and the avocados are made of soft foam, so can’t do any damage when you throw them.


  • Ages 7 and up
  • 2-6 players
  • 15 minutes average playing time

What’s in the Throw Throw Avocado Box?

The box contains 120 playing cards, instruction manual, 6 Avocado Boo Boos, 1 Fear Me Badge and 2 soft and squishy foam Avocados.

It also includes a bonus combo pack of 36 cards that can be combined with your Throw Throw Burrito cards to play the ultimate, epic combo game.

Where can I get Throw Throw Avocado?

Most major retailers that sell board games should have a box of Throw Throw Avocado. You can buy it on Amazon as well, via the link below.

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