Tipsi Tray – Carry Drinks With One Hand Without Spilling

The Tipsi Tray makes it really hard to spill a drink when you’re carrying it. Its innovative design makes it so that gravity works with you instead of against you. This gadget is great if you need to carry food or drinks upstairs and you still want to have a hand free to open doors or grab the handrail. Also, if you’re less abled the Tipsi Tray will be a blessing as you decrease the chances of ruining a carefully prepared breakfast.

Why do I need a Tipsi Tray?

We’ve probably all experienced taking a traditional Ottoman tray full of food and drinks and having all its contents fall over before you reach your destination.

Single Handed Ltd. is a hospitaly brand dedicated to improving carrying technology. They launched a Kickstarter for their Tipsi Tray in 2020 and had it successfully funded for production.

The Tipsi Tray has a clever design and the gravitational forces work like when you’re in a roller coaster. When you’re swinging it with your shoulder the contents on the tray get pulled to the surface, so that they end up being more stable than when you’re carrying a traditional tray.

While you probably won’t start running or swinging your tray like a madman just because you can, the Tipsi Tray does provide you with the stability and firmness to increase your serving abilities. Hotels and restaurants will save time serving orders and elderly people will have something that will keep them walking around the house.

You can even take two if you’re feeling overly confident now that you have more stability!

Besides the clever design and handle, the Tipsi Tray also has a grippy surface for your contents to not slide all over the surface. There are anti-spill edges to prevent further accidents and the whole tray can collapse conveniently for storage and dishwashing.


  • ⚫ Single Handed Serving Tray (Circular)
  • 👌 Easier and safer than conventional trays
  • 🚪 Perfect on stairs, opening doors in the home or workplace
  • 🦾 Strong stainless steel contemporary design
  • 📦 Removable handle for easy storage

Who is the Tipsi Tray for?

As you’re increasing stability serving food and drinks to people there are many use cases where this product improves your life.

  • hotels, bars and restaurants
  • elderly people
  • less abled people
  • clumsy people

Where can I buy one?

After their successful Kickstarter campaign, Single Handed Ltd. has taken their Tipsi Trays to Amazon for further fulfilment. You can order one via the link below.

Last update was on: January 6, 2024 12:50 pm

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