NERF Hyper Rush 40

The NERF Hyper Rush 40 might be the closest thing you can find to a toy paintball gun. Unlike the traditional NERF darts, this new line of NERF guns is built for velocity, the Hyper Rush 40 can fire ball-like rounds at up to 110ft/sec. More than that, the Hypers feature large magazines, so that you spend less time reloading and more time shooting.

What is the Hyper Rush 40?

If you thought shooting NERF darts around the house is bad enough, wait till you see the Hyper ammo flying around. The Hyper rounds are small rubber balls that are designed for speed. They’ll actually hurt when you’re being shot at. Therefore it’s recommended to not aim at the eyes or face (as with all NERF guns). The Hyper Rush 40 can fit 40 rounds at once, which gives you plenty of shooting time.

There’s a manual pump action on the Hyper Rush 40, so to shoot, you’ll have to cock back the priming slide back and forth, pull the trigger and repeat. There are no batteries needed to operate this gun, but the action is still fast-paced.

Action by Coop772 on YouTube

The NERF Hyper Rush 40 features a rails on top to store a reload canister. The tube-like design of the canister makes it easy to refill whenever you need to.

After a long period of time, NERF purists are considering the Hyper Rush 40 a very capable gun, with the large capacity as the one feature making this a long-term success for NERF.


•REVOLUTIONARY NERF HYPER SYSTEM: Featuring Nerf Hyper rounds with an innovative design and material for unparalled performance to maximize capacity and speed
•PUMP-ACTION NERF HYPER RUSH-40 BLASTER: Pump the hopper to prime the blaster and press the trigger to fire at a velocity of up to 110 FPS (hand-powered priming — no batteries required)
•40 NERF HYPER ROUNDS AND LARGE HOPPER WITH 40-ROUND CAPACITY: Blaster comes with 30 Nerf Hyper rounds. Large, easy-load hopper can hold up to 40 rounds (additional rounds sold separately)
•TACTICAL RAILS FOR RELOAD CANISTERS: Attach Nerf Hyper round reload canisters to the tactical rails to refill the hopper fast (canisters and additional rounds each sold separately)

Where can I buy the NERF Hyper Rush 40?

The NERF Hyper range can be bought at most major toy retailers. The Hyper Rush-40, with its hopper feed mechanism is recommended for ages 14 and up, so when your younger kids try it out, please make sure there’s adult supervision.

The price is pretty attractive for the type of action you’re getting and this type of NERF gun (and its Hyper rounds) will be around for a while.

Buy one on Amazon via the link below.

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