Mojipic – a Voice Controlled LCD Display for Your Car

The Mojipic is a great solution for whenever you want to express some emotion or messages to fellow drivers on the road. Sure you can put up a sticker on a car, but that’s kind of static and semi-permanent. And trying to make some eye-contact and hand- (or finger-) signalling might be difficult or dangerous out on the highway. The Mojipic is an LCD screen that you can attach tot the back window of your car and allows you to display emojis or animated GIF images, controlled by your voice or phone.

Why do I need this?

The Mojipic was first launched as a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. After a successful funding round, the bright LCD display is now available for sale. Using Siri or Google Assistant, you can control whatever is shown on the display.

You can choose from over 1000 GIFS or emojis from the Mojipic library, or draw your own design using the Mojipic app. Show that there’s a baby on board or your favorite sport team’s logo or national flag. Businesses can even decide to show a working QR code, so that you can work on promotion while out on the road.

Uber and Lyft drivers can also use the Mojipic as an additional assistant to show their waiting passenger’s name or their company’s logo.

For kids, the Mojipic display is loads of fun. With a phone they can draw something on the screen in realtime. And the screen comes with pre-installed 8-bit games. Use your phone as the controller and play simple games like Tetris and Snake.

The Mojipic attaches easily to any glass or car window with its suction cups. When installed, you can easily take the screen out of its mount so that it doesn’t get stolen. It communicates with your phone over a wireless Bluetooth connection. The Mojipic runs for an impressive 300 hours on a single charge and can be recharged using your car’s cigar plug.


  • More than 1500 Gifs, Smiles & Emojis
  • Voice Control
  • Photos & Images
  • Realtime drawing
  • QR codes
  • 8-bit games
  • Brightness: 6000Cd outdoor LEDs
  • Rechargeable battery: 7500mAh
  • Up to 300 hours on a single charge

Where can I buy the Mojipic LCD screen?

The Mojipic as seen on TikTok is available on Amazon, via the link below.

Mojipic Voice Controlled Emoji Car LED Display (Original)

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