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Ditto and Snorlax Reversible Pillow

Ditto and Snorlax Reversible Pillow

Snorlax remains one of our favorite Pokémon out there. If you don't have the space for a giant bean bag Snorlax you might like this subtle plush better. What looks to be a normal Ditto plush pillow for your couch evolves into a surprise Snorlax when you turn it inside out. It's about 32 cm in size and ...

Giant Inflatable Sprinkler for Kids

Giant Inflatable Sprinkler for Kids

To bring a bit of water amusement park into your backyard this summer, getting one of these giant inflatable sprinkler monsters is a must. Just inflate this monstrosity to its seven feet height, attach any regular garden hose and your kids will have tons of fun. The Ginormous Inflatable Yard Sprinkler by BigMouth ...

The New iPad Mini (2019) -4%

The New iPad Mini (2019)

Okay, so Apple has too many iPad versions right now, yet I'm glad they decide to update the iPad Mini in March 2019. I sold off my previous iPad Mini a while ago and I still regret selling it. It's a device that sits neatly in between all the other tech in your life. The iPad Mini 5 is small enough to replace ...

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The Field Guide to Dumb Birds of North America -20%

The Field Guide to Dumb Birds of North America

If birds aren't your thing and you want an enjoyable coffee table book, you should definitely get The Field Guide to Dumb Birds of North America. This book features 50 common North American bird drawn and illustrated by bird hater/lover Matt Kracht. Matt does his best to put his hatred into the bird drawings and ...

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Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD, Best Power Bank for Nintendo Switch -18%

Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD, Best Power Bank for Nintendo Switch

If you're one of those hardcore Switch gamers that travels around with their consoles a lot, you've probably ended up in a situation where you ran out of juice. When there's no outlet around to charge your switch, there are no devices and chargers that can give the Nintendo Switch enough power to keep on gaming. ...

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Sheepy Toilet Paper Roll Holder -34%

Sheepy Toilet Paper Roll Holder

If you already have something like a luxurious phone holder in your toilet why not give your reserve toilet paper rolls something equally appealing? This adorable toilet paper roll holder that looks like a sheep is the perfect way to store your toilet paper. Seven rolls to be exact. It's exactly what's needed to ...

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Wipertags Wiper Covers -5%

Wipertags Wiper Covers

Here's something different than a car window decal if you want to make your car more personal. The Wipertags are wiper covers that work well whenever you're wiping your car. They're cleverly designed and you probably want to take them off your windshield wipers when you're not driving The elbow dropping wrestler ...

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VaBroom, a Vacuuming Broom

VaBroom, a Vacuuming Broom

I can't remember when I last took out a broom to dust the living room floor. My OCD acts up when I can not for some reason get that last line of dust and dirt onto my dustpan. Rather than using a full fledged vacuum cleaner for that little bit of dust there must be something easier, right? That's what the VaBroom ...

Withings Sleep Tracking Mat -1%

Withings Sleep Tracking Mat

There's no shortage of sleep tracking apps on your phone, but I've experienced mixed results in using these apps myself. It seems they're not all that accurate. This sleep tracking mat by Withings and Nokia gets you all the granular details about your sleep without the need for a phone next to your head all night. ...

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Nanoloop Handheld Synthesizer

Nanoloop Handheld Synthesizer

There's something about holding a gamepad that just makes everything more fun. The new Nanoloop synthesizer that's launching on Kickstarter is one such example that gamifies music making. This is a portable sequencer and synth that provides a very immediate way to create bleeps and bloops, similar to the Pocket ...

DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit

DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit

If you enjoy eating spicy food why not do it with some home-made hot sauce? This DIY kit by Grow and Make has all the ingredients for you to make six different bottles with hot sauce for you to add some additional flavour and heat to future recipes. It's up to you to decide the heat level and flavouring on every ...

ENERQI, Hidden Wireless Charging

ENERQI, Hidden Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is definitely a step up from plugging a wire in your phone. But still, you have something in sight, with a wire attached. How we all wish charging was a thing of the past. The ENERQi campaign that launched on Indiegogo promises to bring you one step closer to an invisible charging solution. What ...