The Best Stress Relieving Toys for the Office

An executive’s desk needs some toys for stress relief or for igniting creativity whenever you’re stuck pondering those important decisions. We continuously feature fiddle gadgets for the office, so it might be a good time to list our favorite stress relievers that you can buy right now. Check out our list below.

The Polar Pen

Polar Pen

The Polar Pen consists of multiple rare earth magnets which you can take apart from the pen / stylus combination. With the magnets you can build neat magnetic structures that move around your pen or sit on your desk while you’re working. The Polar magnet pen is great to fiddle around with, make sure to get to work at one point though.

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Helicone Kinetic Desk Toy

The Helicone is a true executive toy gift. It’s made of high quality pieces of wood, comes in a beautiful box and you can twirl the Helicone around from pine shape to helix for proper satisfaction during work. There’s also a cheaper plastic option called the Lollipopter, made by Playable ART.

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GHOSTKUBE – Kinetic Building Blocks

GHOSTKUBE moving sculptures

The GHOSTKUBE is another kinetic toy. Even with a small set of GHOSTKUBE building blocks you might need a big desk for displaying them, but playing with these is so soothing for the mind. Just take a couple of minutes putting something together and wiggle your construction around for your co-workers. Then, once you’re done, use the associated ‘keystone’ to lock your construction and put it on your (executive) desk for display.

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Speks – Tiny Magnetic Balls

Speks Magnetic Balls Gif

Magnets top the list as favorite desk toy material and with the Speks set you’ll get a LOT of magnets, how do you feel about owning 512 of them? With this many magnets you’re able to run your imagination wild and create loads of fun stuff for display on your office desk. Be sure to watch over them carefully. It’s not only easy to lose sight of them due to their small size, your co-workers will also want to steal the Speks tiny magnets!

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Tiny Arcade – a Tiny Working Arcade Cabinet

Tiny Arcade

Whipping your phone out to play Clash Royale during each stressful moment at work may be stretching it with your boss. However, no one will blame you playing a game on the adorable Tiny Arcade cabinet to blow off some steam.

Made by Tiny Circuits, the Tiny Arcade kit can be assembled by yourself in around ten minutes. Then, you are ready to play any of the built-in games (including Flappy Bird, which doesn’t help your stress level really). A microSD card slot allows you to load any further game you can find for it.

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An Enter-key You Can Punch as Hard as You Want to

Talking about office stress relief, having a good ol’ punching bag in the center of the office will probably do wonders, but it’s not the most practical. This big USB-connected Enter-key is the closest you can get to a punching bag. If you want to really unload a lot of stress in one sitting, just plug this key in, type out that polite customer support e-mail and bang this key with each line break. Feel better now?

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